9 Weeks Of Travel Travel

Hello Canberra

Welcome Back to 9 weeks on the road; So first if all a massive apology as it has been basically been a month since the last Blog so to sum it up we were in the UK for 3 weeks and it was non stop packed back to back, we then did 8 days in California so again crazy and to top it off we moved to Birmingham! (yep back to the UK) Suprise if you didn’t know. So we had to find a house and sort out our lives! All of those blogs will be coming very soon but now on to today’s blog…

Today’s blog features our 24 hours in Canberra, but before we get into that a side note here that we have now officially visited every Australian state and territory which is pretty impressive considering it’s just shy of 3 years living in Australia.

Back to the Blog, it was an early start for us. Once up and ready it was into the car and across the border. We hit Canberra and priorities 1st, breakfast and of course coffee. We stopped at a little cafe fueled up and then it was a very quick tour of the city.

We visited both the Old & New parliament house, had a little wonder around and then drove up to a red hill lookout and took in the sights, in my opinion there really was not much there and if we had any longer than the hour we spent there did not quite sure that we would have done.

In to the car and off we drove to the National Zoo & Aquarium as we were spending the night at Jamala Wildlife Lodge. Luxury is not the word for this place it goes above and beyond.


If you know me, then well you will know that I have a weird love for giraffes so we decided on booking in this place. To explain it in a nutshell, it was an over the top experience with afternoon tea, a luxury dinner with unlimited wine canapes and a gourmet breakfast. The best part is you get to stay in a room looking at animals, we choose the giraffe treehouse and we got to feed Hummer (The Giraffe) from our balcony. There are also other rooms featuring, lions, tigers and sun- bear too.


The Day Began with Afternoon Tea, I have never had one like it in my life tasty, pretty and delicious cakes, sweets & fruit we even had a barista on hand to make coffee and tea. It was then to meet Solo, the Chetah cub and his dog brother. We then had an afternoon guided tour around the zoo.

Once this was over it was into our room and to feed Humma, it was such a great experience to feed him from the room you were staying in. This was by far the best room we have stayed in to-date. So Luxury and all the small details it really was just amazing.

It was then the rest of the afternoon to enjoy, we popped out a little after the zoo closing and got to do some more exploring, it was great to see the zoo after it closed.

It was then off to dinner, we were picked up from our room by a driver and driven to a part of the zoo exclusive to Jamila guests. On arrival, there was champagne, followed by an open bar of some quite delicious wines and canapes circled the room. It was such a lovely atmosphere.

We then sat down for a 3-course meal, we decided to alternate courses so that we both got to try every meal and it was all of the highest quality with the best service, generous wine and company both from the people around us and the White Lions. It was then off to bed after a busy day.

On the last morning in Canberra, it was up and down to breakfast, another great selection of pastries and also an Ala-Carte Menu. Once eaten it was off for the morning tour of the zoo; this was before it was opened so we got to see some interactions with animals as well as morning routines.

It was then off for the 8 Hour drive to Melbourne, I really hope you enjoyed this blog and I do promise the next one will be here very soon.

Jamie x


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