9 Weeks Of Travel Travel With Jamie & Matt

2 days in the Blue Mountains…

Welcome back to the blog! Today’s adventures take us to a cooler climate and to the Blue Mountains. After the Drive down it cooled down, but that does happen when you spend hours driving north to south in the middle of winter.


We arrived quite early, our 1st day took us to the more touristy part of the Blue Mountains with Scenic World & The 3 Sisters. Today was the warmer of the 2 days with temperatures of about 10, something we had not felt in over a year. We were wrapped up in layers, jumpers and coats.

Once in Scenic world, we had a look around it was a pretty cool place they had different attractions which allowed you to get the best out of the Blue Mountains this included the worlds steepest railway, as well as a cable car which ran along two peeks. This gave 360 views of orphan rock and clear views of the 3 sisters. Once on the other side, it was time to explore, there was a walk which was quiet and peaceful to get over but as soon as we hit the information centre we realised we were in the middle of 1000s of tourists. We then did a few walks around the area including down to the 3 sisters and Honeymoon bridge. It was a steep walk so there were lots of breaks to catch our breath but well worth it.

You really can see why it is called the Blue Mountains.


We then spent the afternoon going back to the scenic world and taking some time to explore the railway & a nice boardwalk track. The railway was quite an experience and I would say it was more like a mini rollercoaster, which was great for me as I do love thrills.

After the cold and adrenaline filled day, it was to the Air BnB that we had booked. A nice little stone cottage with everything you could need we settled in for the night found some dinner and it was off to bed.

Day 2, it was a nice and early start and today we headed over the other side of the mountains we explored, Wentworth falls along with some walking tracks including Rocket Point Lookout. Today we got even colder weather with a temperature of about 4.

Everywhere you looked it was so fresh and so blue with stunning scenery all around us. We also stopped in one of the towns for a coffee to relax for a bit and sit but the fire. Before we knew it the day was over and it was back to the Air BnB for the final night.

The Next day it was up nice and early and off to Canberra, which will all be covered in the next blog.

Jamie x


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