9 Weeks Of Travel Travel

Down The Coast, we go!

Welcome back to the blog and the next part to 9 weeks on the road, this blog we head down the coast from Brisbane and stop at a few places on the way.

After the Adventures in the Whitsundays, it was a quick flight and we were back in Brisbane. We were then on the road and it was a pretty fast drive down the coast, we stopped at 3 main spots. The 1st one of our favourites, Byron Bay then it was down to Port Macquarie and finally the Central Coast.

Not too much happened it was a lot of quick fast meals, fast stops at little places and then back in the car for the next stop. The scenery along the was was stunning lots of coastline and pretty spots. We visited a light House, did a few walks and before we knew it we arrived at the Blue Mountains.

Sorry for the shortness of this Blog, but there is another one coming out tomorrow for you all About the Blue Mountains.

Jamie x


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