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The Solway lass – 3 Days At Sea

Hello and welcome back to the Blog,

This week’s adventure takes us to the 3 nights and 3 days that we spent sailing around the Whitsundays on the Solway Lass.


Night 1, there really is not too much to say we boarded the boat and then we sailed out to our 1st gateway to sleep which was Tongue Bay, we had a few beers to get the holiday in swing and then it was an early night.

The next morning it was up for sunrise along with breakfast & tea. After we were full it was off to Whitehaven beach; first we did the small walk up to the lookout and photos do not give it justice to how good it was. We enjoyed this for a little bit before we headed down to the beach and spent a few hours exploring and enjoying it. The sand is one of the purest in the world and so white. We went for a nice walk, saw some lemon head sharks and then relaxed on the beach for a bit.

Next, it was off to white bay for the first snorkel! it was great to get in the water and have a look at all the cool sea life, sadly we left our go pro in the far so it was not on the trip with us so we don’t have any pictures of all of the sea life we saw. But there were a few whales on the journey, Glenn slowed down the boat each time so we really got to see them swimming around.

We were then back on the boat and it was to the southern point of Whitehaven beach as this was the point of anchor for the night. Before this it was over to the beach to go on a walk up to a lookout, well that was the plan. I was at the front of the walk with Taj, when we got to the point of turn the map was a slight miss leading so we ended up going on a 3km walk Vs a few hundred meter lookout but it was a nice quiet and private beach. It was a quick stop look and then headed back, towards the end the sun was set and the torches were out. It was a good walk. Back on the Boat and it was dinner time, rinsed down with some cocktails.

The Next Morning it was a day of snorkelling with 2 spots on the plan. It was up early again and a beautiful sunrise. It was off super early to get to our 1st snorkel spot for the day Mackerel Bay. This spot was just stunning fish and sea life all over the place. I even had a small swim with a turtle which was super cool. There were even a few whales swimming by the boat too, even a week old calf which was great to see in a natural environment.

After an hour or so it was back on the boat and around the corner to Butterfly bay, off to snorkel again I was only in the water for a few minutes as I started to feel very cold. it was out and on to a paddle board, exploring the water on top keeping warm. I then tackled the fear of having a go on the rope swing it was super fun and so I had to do it a few more times. It was a chilled rest of the day with cocktails and making new friends. Sunset and the final day was out, staying up late was cool as around the boat were 100s of fish and squid and we got to see some ink spraying, off to bed.

The Final morning it was off to Black island, this was the real highlight of the trip we had a few hours to relax on the beach and in the distance we witnessed 2 Bull whales breaching, jumping around. They really put on a show for us and we were so close.


It was back on the boat and back to port, I got the chance to drive the boat part of the way back which was a cool experience and we also passed the Sever Irwin sea shepherd boat. We had one final night in Airlie beach before it was back to Hamilton Island and the plane back to Brisbane.

I hope you enjoyed this blog and me sharing my experience on the SolwayLass if you did, Follow for new blogs every week.


Jamie x




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