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The Next Chapter…

Just a Life update, the next 9 weeks are going to be some of the best i have ever had in my life.

Hey Guys and welcome back to JustJamie, Today I am giving you just a little bit of a life update so as you know this blog is new and is not quite up-to-date nor complete yet all the content from the old blog will be on here soon too.


But for almost the last year Matt and I have been living on the most of the time sunny Gold Coast we have made some great memories here and some awesome friends for life too. But now on to the next chapter and well a break from the real world I suppose. Let’s Jump to July 27th this year, so that’s what a little under 2 weeks away.  Matt would have finished his job on the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games, that being the reason we moved here from Melbourne and I would have also finished mine.

9 Weeks of Sun, Sea, Holiday, Flights, Countries & Life. Yes, we are going on the most stunning round the world trip. Starting in the Whitsundays we have a few days in Airlie Beach, some time in some fancy hotels to relax then 4 days on a pirate ship because well why not. Then its a weeks drive to Melbourne from Brisbane with lots of stops on the way they are not all decided yet and the plan will kind of be made up soon and on the go. We only have one deadline which is to be in Canberra for probably my highlight of the 1st part of the trip a stay in a tree house where giraffes come up to your window and you can feed them. Then its the rest of the way to Melbourne.

The second half of the trip is lots of world travel for 5 weeks. First, it’s off to Hong Kong, 5 days to explore the city eat goose apparently that’s what they do there, then it’s off to the Motherland of the UK for 3 weeks, catching up with family, friends and attending a couple of weddings too. The US is next and LA, 5 days to soak up the sun maybe visit San Diego zoo then we’re off to Las Vegas and Finally New York

The Trip is going to be amazing and there are going to be lots of Blogs & Youtube Videos along the way to, so make sure you follow this and subscribe to that.

Stay Tuned as there will be a new blog up next week.

Jamie x


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