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How to see the Gold Coast in 72 Hours

Hey Guys and welcome back to the Blog, Today I thought it would be a good idea to kind of write a Blog style post in what my top things to do on the coat are/ if you only had 3 days here what you should actually spend your time doing. This is going to […]

Hey Guys and welcome back to the Blog, Today I thought it would be a good idea to kind of write a Blog style post in what my top things to do on the coat are/ if you only had 3 days here what you should actually spend your time doing. This is going to be a top 5 kind of list and is only my opinion if you do follow it please let me know what you think.

The Beach

Yes, you might think this is a bit obvious knowing that well the gold coast is known for its beaches but don’t just go to the beach go to the best part of the beach. Surfers paradise is always overcrowded with tourists and not the best. There are 2 parts of the beach I suggest, the first part being Mainbeach/ The Spit the reason for this is that it’s at the northern end, its easy to get to by transport on the tram to Main Beach and a 10 or so minute walk to the beach then maybe 15 mins down to get to my favourite point. There is this great Pier that you can walk along where the waves crash against the rocks, it’s quite peaceful and on a clear day you can see the skyline of the Gold Coast so clear and in the other direction the point of south Stradbrook Island. It is always really quite here but not the best for swimming.


If you want to go to the beach for its main purpose of soaking up the sand and going for a surf or swim then do yourself a favour and go to the part near Mermaid Beach. This again is pretty easy to get to the tram to Broadbeach North, straight on to the beach and walk south for about 15 minutes. The beach here is so clean and wide with great waves with very few people and that why I love it, you can actually enjoy the beach rather than thousands of people especially in the summer months.


The Views

Now the views of the gold coast are pretty impressive and my favourite place to take these in are at the Q1, 70 Floors above sea level and the getting the most stunning views. On a clear day, you can see all the way to Brisbane too which is pretty cool. Now it can be quite expensive to come up here so I do suggest looking at the Dream World pass if you happen to go to that Theme part as they are linked and the pass can get you into both places as well as White Water world.  They also have a cafe up here with food and drinks available. If you have the benefit of No children then also try it on a Friday/Saturday night it turns in to a pretty cool bar.

You can also get a good View from 19 the rooftop bar at the Casino, they are free but not as good as the Q1. Its also not child-friendly so one to do as a couple but they have some great drinks up there. Gents just a side note here if you do not wear a collared shirt you won’t get in so dress accordingly.

SUP (Stand up paddle boarding)

Yes, this is quite specific maybe you are thinking but if you have not done it before then I do suggest that you give it a try its pretty fun and when you fall off its all part of the fun. There are many places that offer this but 2 in particular I suggest, the first one is at Budds Beach what I like about this place is that it’s in surfers paradise just on the other super quite side set in the Nerang River, 1 hour is long enough and its so much fun and only $25. Once you have done it you can cross the road and go to Bumbles cafe, of my favourites on the coast freshly squeezed juice coffee and a full breakfast and lunch menu.

The second place is suggested for SUP is Tallebudgera Creek, this one is a bit out of the way and to get there you kind of do need a car. But once you get there its quite stunning, there are 2 parts to it the main part with the lifeguard and the flags but I like the other side under the bridge its much quieter and parking is so much easier too especially if you arrive after 10am on a Saturday. Park along Murlong Crescent and the hire place is just there, its a good price here at $20 per hour.

Theme Parks

The Gold coast is the theme park capital in Australia. MovieWorld, Sea World and Wet and Wild owned by Village Roadshow and then we have Dream World & Whitewater world the competition.  In my opinion, they are all great. Movie world is full of coasters so if you love them I recommend there if you like the more variety then Dream World is for you in terms of the water parks Wet & Wild tops Whitewater world with more attractions and variety. Dreamworld also has tigers and an amazing show with them.

I would always do movie world and wet and wild but that’s just me if you get a pass you often get sea world added too but if you have a few days I would not worry about it too much. Dreamworld similarly has a pass linked to Whitewater world and as I previously said the Q1 so if you like views then maybe that’s for you.

Coffee & Food

Now the gold coast is not really known for the food or coffee but there are a few hidden spots here are my top Coffee, Brunch, Casual and fancy Dinner Places.

For Coffee, it has to be Zi espresso, Located in Southport and moments from my house the service is divine and coffee as if I am in Melbourne which is all you ever really want. For Brunch, it’s going to be Elk a few seconds from the beach of Broadbeach and yum the food is fresh and a seasonal menu means its always changing. For casual food, there are a few places Betty’s burgers always does well as does Loose moose and they also have a huge amount of tap beer which is always nice.

Fine Dining there are a couple of Places for Steak head too Moo Moo’s, they have some of the best steaks I have eaten and for something Different Kiyomi Japanese in the Casino gives you flawless service with the freshest food, delicious raw fish. There will probably soon be a blog with some more detailed food.


That’s it for this blog though guys I really hope you enjoyed it and maybe found some of my knowledge and information a little bit useful if you did leave me a comment, there will be a more in-depth one soon for nature and the Hinterland because there are some stunning places that I do love.

See you soon for another Blog

Jamie x


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