Travel With Jamie & Matt

The Sunshine Coast & Noosa

A Look back on the most amazing 5 days exploring, the Sunshine Coast and Noosa, lots of Food as well and beaches and Nature.

Hey Guys and welcome back to the blog, today I am once again taking you back in time to last Christmas. This is the blog Prior to the Fraser Island Adventure as we first spent a few days exploring the sunny coast and Noosa. Now, this was about 8 Months ago from when I am writing it so the details are a little blurred, but from this, you will get the majority of the trip and what we actually got up too.


It was our 1st day of the trip and the main drive to the Sunny coast on day 1, The first stop for us was the Glasshouse mountains and Mt Beerwah, we did the summit walk to the top which was quite challenging but once we got to the top it was so worth it. The views were just stunning, we had a good 30 minute or so stop up here and we stopped for our daily game of HQ Trivia too. The Decline was so much better as it always is on the way down. We also stopped at this very cool cave on the way down and I took a few moments to climb and explore it, Matt came a little bit inside but as I am so vain spent lots of time taking pictures of ME.

The next stop was off to our 1st of many places we were staying during our trip. We arrived at our Air BnB and it was so cute, we were staying with a family on their farm. They had pigs, alpacas and also other kinds of animals, after arrival, we had a tour of the farm and then finished the day with some wine outside. Then next morning we work up to a quite luxury breakfast spread considering we were staying in an air bnb, there was toast, muesli and fresh fruit.

The second day took us to Australia Zoo, I am all for zoos and this is truly one of the best I have seen in my life the enclosures were open and not overcrowded which is always great to see. The Animals looked like they enjoyed their lives and we also got to see a casaray, a rare Australian bird that even in zoos often hide.  We then went to the next air bnb which had the most stunning views, which included a hot tub so we enjoyed that while drinking some more wine and having a very English sausage in hot dog rolls for dinner, with me of course adding some tomato sauce.

The Next day we woke up and headed to Caloundra, and spent some time on the beach. We spent the day not doing too much, to be honest as the last few days were pretty tiring. We then Headed to Alfies  Moo Char and Bar, if you ever get the chance to go there because the food was just amazing. Cocktail for me and Matt drunk some Moscato, his favourite wine type. Seafood ceviche, pork belly, prawns and dessert. Overlooking the beach too was nice. We then spent the rest of the day relaxing and taking it easy before driving up to Noosa for the next 2 days.

We Got to Noosa that same day and we checked in to our motel, this one came with a spa bath but it was nowhere as nice as the last 2 places we stayed at but you generally expect that from motels vs Air BnBs. Once settled in we were out, now we booked a nice dinner at the Noosa Beach House by Peter Kuruvita, we opted for the degustation menu with matching wines as you do and we had a wonderful evening. The food was amazing as was our Waiter who was very generous on the wine pours which is always good.

The Next Morning we got up early and headed to the Noosa national park, we spent most of the morning here doing the walks and exploring, visiting places like hells gates, granite bay and just enjoying the company of each other. We then headed back to Noosa where we had some Betty’s burgers for lunch and then it was some time on the beach again to simply relax and take it all in. Dinner time came and it was time for Pizza, and yes this blog does quite heavily feature food so my apologies but it was all just so delicious.

The Following Morning we decided it would be fun to hire a kayak and do some kayaking in the Noosa river, we have done this on many occasions before so we thought we would have no trouble. We were very wrong and before we knew it we were out of the kayak in the river, thankfully no crocs came to eat us. I almost lost my phone because a few mins prior to this as I do I had it out snapping selfies we decided to give up as the water had too much of a strong current.

After the incident, we decided we would just drive to our next place Coolum now our reason for staying here was because well we thought the next day we were being picked up from the sunny coast to go to Fraser Island, we were wrong, which we discovered later that day. So off to Coolum and the first stop was the Air Bnb, we were staying in a more simple place but it was nice to close to the beach. Once we got changed we headed out to explore and we stopped at this cute little place and was drinking Pimms by noon, the perfect way to spend a holiday we then spend some time doing a fairly long beach walk before heading back to the surf club for some lunch and it was one of the nicest meals we had eaten at a surf club. Matt Opting for the burger and me the calamari salad.

That night we ventured to this cool Asian place in the country and the food was actually pretty delicious, then it was off to bed for a super early start. The next morning we much have woken up at about 4:30 so we could watch the sunrise and it was truly spectacular, we even saw what we thought was a great white shark swimming in the distance, it was then a stop at Maccas for Coffee and off to Fraser Island.

Well, that’s the Blog over.  I hope you did enjoy it and if you did feel free to follow it as there is some serious travel coming up over the next few months, there will be some more details about that over the next few weeks.

Jamie X


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