With Jamie & Matt

A Christmas Adventure to Fraser Island…

Hey Guys, I hope you are all well and welcome back to Just Jamie, this blog has been a while coming and I am sorry for the delays. Now let’s go back to last December and our trip to Fraser Island, one of the worlds 15 sand islands and our 2-day adventure.

We were already staying on the sunshine coast and that blog will be here soon. We decided we should go and see this amazing place and it really blew our minds. We did everything thing from off-roading to swimming in strange pools to a scenic flight, if I haven’t bored you already keep reading for the details and pictures.

Day 1

We were staying on the Sunshine Coast and were being picked up from Noosa so it was a 5am rise to get there for the 6:30am pickup. We made it and we were soon on the Monster of a truck to get through the sand that we would soon discover Frazer island had.

The 1st stop of the day was sadly the worst of the whole trip but that means it only got better. Tincan bay, this was the last stop where we could buy things and do things like go to the bathroom. There was a lagoon style place where dolphins would come in daily and you could pay to feed them, this was not the best sight as in my eyes Wild dolphins should be left to be wild but lots of people on the tour bus did this interaction anyway, we just waited to the sidelines for reboarding.


Were we soon enough on the ferry and over to the island, Our 1st top on the island was a little place called fourth creek. This was a nice stop we had some tea.

Edward our tour guide was so good because the next stop was one not on the map so unless you knew it was there you were not going, it was a very strange swimming hole which was super nice most of the group got in and went for a cool off.

Matt’s highlight of the whole trip came at the next unexpected stop a pack of 5 wild dingos together the bus was stopped and we all got out, it was truly amazing to watch them for the 1st time in a natural habitat compared to being in a sanctuary or zoo style environment.


 Edward made an extra stop along the highway/beach/walkway and spoke to a local pilot who agreed for only $80 per person to take us on a scenic flight of the whole island and for me this was my favourite part as you got to see the lakes the dunes and the whole island from another point of view, it was a truly breathtaking flight and still a highlight in my memories to this day and for many more to come.

The first day was coming to an end so we had two more stops, Ely Creek, this was much shallower than the other water that we had been in throughout the day and was also the busiest. It was clearly a popular tourist destination, we relaxed for an hour hanging out with all the new people we meet.

The Last stop of the day was the Maheno Shipwreck, It was really cool it was used as a hospital warship in world war 1, it was then sold to a Japanese company who started to tow it from Sydney but was unsuccessful when moving it and its why it ended up on Fraser Island. It was a great end to the day, history and lots of pictures as it’s me.

Finally, we mad it to our accommodation and after a mix up of room all was good we relaxed hug out at the pool and had dinner. We then spent the night playing pool, me doing this very badly and having a few more drinks.

Day 2

It was time to start the second day and after a pretty comfortable sleep we got up had breakfast and were off pretty early. This is another reason why Edward was so great, we were one of the 1st groups to get to lake Mackenzie, we had a  few hours there just hanging out relaxing by 11am it was full of 100s of people and not a very attractive place at this time of day. We had some lunch and headed off to next part of the day.

After another small bumpy ride through the stunning nature of Frazer island, we were at our next stop which was a forest walk. This lasted about an hour and was quiet and peaceful walking through the trees and seeing how a forest was created out of the sand.

We then drove back the way we came and stopped at another creek, First Creek was another small hole of water where we stopped for some tea and biscuits the water in the creek was also drinkable which had tea kind of colours and very slight flavours.  We then drove down the main Highway and spent some time staring out to see only to see a few wild dolphins jumping around having some fun.

We were soon on the ferry and driving back over to the mainland, Once there Edward decided that we could head back to Noosa via Rainbow Beach. This was a true highlight, we were able to virtually drive all the way back don the beach and there were sands of so many different colours. There was even a point where we got out and was able to spend some time on the beach.

This 2-day trip was truly amazing and it would have not been half as good if it wasn’t for Edward or The Discovery Group, there is a Youtube video on the way too.

I really hope you enjoyed the Blog Guys, come back soon for another one

Jamie x


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