With Jamie & Matt

6 Hours on South Stradbrook Island

Saturday 6am, its time to rise and shine.

No plan apart from the place we were going and I often like this as you can be free and just go with the flow, I mean structure is great but sometimes being a free owl has its benefits too. Bags packed for the day with all the basics, phone, water and my camera in hand, we jumped in the car and did the 25-minute drive to the port parked the car and it was not long till we were on the ferry.

A 50 minute Journey and we arrived on South Stradbroke Island. Now my priority was coffee because its how I start every day of my life virtually, am I addicted? well, that’s another story.  Coffee fueled and ready to go south Stradbroke is a large island, In-fact its one of the 15 Sand Islands in the world, So we decided what we would do for the day. Firstly get the train to the beach and explore that for a bit along with the dunes.


Next, we would take a slow walk enjoying the nature around us and we really did, I do love these little adventures with matt to as firstly we get to spend quality time together as its a rare with Matt working Monday- Friday and me most weekends but this second reason links to the 1st and its the fact that we get in to great and detailed conversations about our business plan which I love we both get ideas to discuss them develop them and in the long run, will make us have a super successful business.

After the walk, we sat on a quiet secluded beach well I mean we were the only 2 people there looking at the Broadwater and it was nice we chatted laughed and enjoyed the time.

After a fair while, we walked up the beach and came across this place with great food where we stopped for some lunch, after that we continued to this super cool bar called McLarens Landing. It was very beachy with lots of cool huts and seating areas, it had a very island life feel. We watched the water have some cocktails and watched lots of people arrive by water taxis and jet skis.


Sadly our time was coming to an end so we decided to walk back to the port, this was a slow 2-hour walk with lots more chilling and chat but probably my most favourite part of the day after passing the point of where we sat earlier in the day we came past 1000s of blue swimmer crabs. Watching them on the beach in the sand was amazing and the tiniest move they would all just vanish below the sand and into the water.


Then the continued walk back to the port for the ferry and after this, it was time for me to face reality and go to work.

South Stradbroke really took us by surprise as we thought there would be lots of walks to do but there was actually not too much. A few small tracks and the beach but it mainly consisted of little holiday resorts which were super nice and I will be back to do an overnight stay in the very near future.

Jamie x



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