Swannie’s – SouthPort

The Drinks 

The Coffee was ok but nothing to shout about, the milk a little burnt and a lack of late art, this being the reason I have no pictures from the experience. The Orange Juice it was nice but nothing I haven’t seen before.

The Food & Service

A first glance at the Menu and there was a nice selection of dishes, big and small to suit most people which is always good. The Menu is where I suppose it ended. I went for the eggs Benedict adding the bacon and mum the smashed avo and fetta.

The Food arrived in a reasonable time, that’s where the experience ended the Bacon on the benny was cold and I mean I don’t complain but it was colder than ice. I spoke to the waitress and she sent it back to the kitchen and made some fresh bacon. It came back out and well the bacon was not but the new eggs that the chef added were raw and clear. Not a good sign but I did not want to complain again so I ate around this, my issue here was my waitress knew I had an original issue and should have also made the effort to ask if the rest of the meal was fine but not any more interaction with her and I mean if it was a busy Saturday i would be more understanding being a waiter myself but we were the only customers in the restaurant.



The Avo and Fetta were tiny for the price of $13, it’s a good job my mum added eggs and mushrooms or it would not have even touched her and she did enjoy the food.

We finished and went up to pay and I believe the supervisor took my payment, she did not even ask how the meal was considering she knew I had an issue I was just shocked and I wasn’t expecting anything for free but a simple would you like a coffee on the house to go or something she just asked what my plans were, which I replied a simple nothing too crazy.

The Overall 

Average drinks, Bad food and the worst service I have ever received and I mean I eat out at least twice a week, I will not be returning to this place and if anyone asks me I will be very honest avoid it the plague is better.

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