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The Great Ocean Road | 3 Hidden Spots to Visit



The Great Ocean Road is one of my Favourite Places to Visit and it is So close to Melbourne.

I have 3 Places id say to visit and also all of these places are Hidden and Out of the way of Tourists which is always great and in my opinion.

Number 1 | The place I visit every time | Joahana Beach |

This Place is the best, Its a beach which goes on for miles, now sadly you can not swim here as it is very rough but it goes on for a few miles. What I love about it is that it is always so quiet and I have often been here alone. It’s Ocean, Forest, Golden sand Crashing Waves, Green Trees & Mountains. There is also a little lookout but so breathtaking. I often stay for an hour or so and just walk about the beach taking in some of the most breathtaking views you can imagine.

I First discovered it on Boxing day of 2015 and it brings back those memories or my first Christmas away from home and is one of those happy places I have in Australia.



Number 2 | Kennett River | Done Correctly

Now if you have done the Great Ocean Road or are Coming to Australi and Planning to do it you would have heard of it. The Problem is that you did for the Wrong Reason and yes the Place is super touristy well until you take this advice. When you get there you will find a car park at the bottom so do park up and you can feed the wild parrots you will also see 3-4 Koalas, This is when most people leave.

What you do next will be the best part of this Place. get back in the car and drive up the Hill id say 5-10km an hour open all the windows and look up. you will see so many more Koalas, in one trip I have seen 20+ from time to time pull in and get out the car and go for mini walks look up and admire the Cute Koalas. Here I have experienced a Fight over 2 Koalas lasting over 20 minutes. Families, Groups of Mable and even spotted some wild Baby Koalas. Enjoy it for an hour maybe 2 and at the top of the slope you will find a bit of small land stop and have a picnic it’s so peaceful.

I Sadly Don’t Have many Pictures from here but it’s All about The Memories.



Number 3 |Won Wondah & Henderson Falls | A Chilled and Hidden Place

Now, these 2 falls are great to visit and amongst the Ottaway National Park. Hidden and a 2km walk but so worth it as its super quiet and a great activity to do. I liked this as you didn’t have to do it all and you could take your time as the trail was pretty empty apart from us. Taking in Nature all around us Birds flying free.

There is also a Giant Tree on the way which is so cool and had been there for 1000’s of years I’m sure of. Once you get to the falls it’s all flowing and calm a place to just enjoy Nature and the Ottaways at their best.

Well, That’s Today’s Blog, I hope you enjoyed my adventures down the road and I hope that this info maybe; useful if you are yet to travel the Great Ocean Road.

The Great Ocean Road is pretty Amazing!!!





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