General Life

Site Update…

Hey, It’s me Jamie


I just wanted to say that from today lets call it 18th April 2018, I want to bring a change to this I love to write food blogs, reviews or whatever you want to call them but I also love travel and I am a very creative person too…

So this is a change to my space here…  I have like 4 different Instagrams because there are these things that basically say if you have too many things on one account then well you have no niche and it kinda becomes obsolete which is kinda true to an extent but that’s fine I’m simplifying my life…

I am going to have one Instagram and yes I make youtube videos to so one those and then this website because I keep asking myself why do I have so many things? and who am I pleasing? to be honest no one and that’s because too many things mean not much gets done I am not consistent with anything and therefore in the long term I lose everyone, everything and myself in a way. This is a Place for me to document my love for food, travel and whatever else I want.

I moved to Australia like a while back now, almost 3 years ago and I had a website to document adventures in those 3 years I have written less than 20 blogs so I am going to bring those over here too to make it my space.

See you very soon for another Blog and I hope you do enjoy what is coming

Jamie x


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