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A Bit about me and why I have changed my name…

Hello there Internet, To the people who know me well or if you have never ever met me before.

Let’s start with my name if you haven’t already guessed the well it’s Jamie, and it’s great to meet you!

I’m writing this for a few reasons the first being I suppose this is a rebrand to this website and what it actually is; it used to be a simple place where I wrote food reviews but my life’s a bit crazy and I had a personal blog as well as a travel one as well as making YouTuber videos and having 3+ Instagram accounts. So all those things life becomes overwhelming and well I never seemed to post on half the things I set out to achieve so this is me simplifying my life on a first note.

Secondly, if you know me from childhood you will know that it wasn’t the most straightforward, in simple words I’m Gay! And I am so proud of that and who I am today but a few years back there was some not so nice people in my life and so I hid behind well I guess a name, it was a safeguard and if you haven’t already guessed it was ‘Jamie MagiKal FantastiKal Richards’ or Jamie MagiKal for short I lived behind this because well I was not ashamed of who I was but scared in a way of being me. Now I have always been me so there are not going to be any crazy changes but that name just stuck with me.

Now I’ve been with Matt for over 5 years and he is the best thing I could have ever asked for, Loving, Supportive, Caring and everything else in between and I actually no longer need that name to hid behind because quite frankly life is pretty awesome. I have him and I live in one of the most amazing countries this world has to offer. I mean my days consist of working but there is so much more to life beaches to chill on and so I’m simplifying it to me, Just Jamie because that is all I really am.

Love Jamie x


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