Travel With Jamie & Matt

A New State; A New Adventure!

Hi Everyone, Welcome back to the blog

Some news to start off, we have moved across the country from Melbourne to The Gold Coast in sunny Queensland. Matt got offered an amazing opportunity to work on the commonwealth games so we took the chance.

Jamie Arrived a few days before Matt so that he could get the house set up and take in the furniture, this did mean the first night was quite rough with not much sleep. The Image below should help explain this. His first night was a little rough with no bed a sleeping bag got him through the night though.


Matt arrived on the Sunday after driving 17 Hours across the country over 3 states. He did it and then was straight off the new Job on Monday. 

So far so good, Matts Enjoying both work and life now finishing at the latest 5:30pm which is amazing we have the evenings and weekends back to explore this wonderful new place. There are so many beaches to explore and so many things to see which we will, of course, keep you updated on.

Jamie is on the hunt for work, no luck so far but it shouldn’t be too long before he has a great new job or two.

We have had one full weekend now and decided to spend it at Sea World & Movie World exploring all the rides and roller coasters. It’s been about two years for both of us and it does seem we have got old as once we were off each ride we had little headaches.

The House is finally set up now with the sofas being delivered this morning we can now show you round the place. It’s great, back to being in a much smaller place but it’s ok because the views make up for it so much and the balcony is awesome too big with a nice sofa and dining area. 

We also joined the Gym this week, it’s opposite the house and pretty good 5 pools and a great workout area so we will hopefully both get super Fit and healthy

See you soon for another adventure

Jamie & Matt x



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