A Flat-white for myself and it was good,  Matt ordered a cold Drip (black coffee) Within 10 minutes our coffee’s arrived and the latte art here was so polished and the coffee tasted so good. Made to a perfect temperature and wonderful notes through the cup. The only improvement would have been a second.

Flat WhiteCold Drip


Matt deciding on the Pork Belly, adding a side of potato rosti. The hotcake for me and was so good for me a faultless dish, soft fluffy and light. Warm throughout, cream to perfectly balance it and seasonal fruits. Figs and grapes soaked in something delicious, finished off with edible flowers there was way to much for me it though because i am a small portion person. That was ok though as Matt finished off after eating his pork belly. Matt loved his dish, the right amount of sauce to pork, super delicious bread and eggs perfectly poached. The one negative was the Rosti was left off.

Hot CakePork


Food and Drinks were good served in good amounts of time with the only negative being the left off rosti. The waitress came over with the bill once she saw we finished  looking like she wanted to not be there which was a shame because the food and coffee was so perfect if it wasn’t for this and the forgetting of the rosti for me it would have been 5/5, thankfully it was not added on to the bill so we could just pay and leave.

I will be back for sure as the food was so good! and the menu, well i wanted about 7 of the dishes.

4.5/5Top Paddock Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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