A Flat White for me, It was great! Hot and Creamy fully of flavour and texture a great Coffee. One of the best that i have had in a while, local to home. Hilde ordered a soy Latte and it was also good Judging by how fast she drank it.



Eating prior to arriving was a bad idea as the menu here looked great, full of great seasonal options and some for all. The Healthy, the unhealthy and the classics that are available at all Brunch cafes. They were missing a sweet option from what i saw but that was fine because they had a wonderful section of home made pastry’s. They had all kinds to fit all people too from Gluten free and more healthy options to what i ordered the ‘Danish’. Blackberry’s, pastry and a great creamy filling too. all over it was good maybe a little under crispy for me but that could be my opinion there as it was flaky, a few more crumbs would have been good though.


Hilde well she didn’t eat and so decided on ordering the granola bowl, it looked good and she said it tasted equally good. Yogurt, Crunch and Cream. The rest of the menu looked pretty awesome and i will be sure to not eat next time before going.



wonderful service, from the moment we walked in to we left. Water provided which is always nice. Coffee orders taken and delivered quickly, Great food and overall experience.

It was however taken to the next level as the Owner, and one of my old Baristas down from Bench recognised me from when i used to order coffee there and also for my local community ethics which was great. We had a nice chat and it was just great to see the place doing so well.


Noughts & Crosses, a wonderful space and so bright full of light and People and i mean for a Thursday in the Suburbs that to me shows a great place. I will be back for sure to eat some more wonderful food and drink some great coffee again very soon.

4.5/5Noughts + Crosses Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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