Sadly On our visit the Tequila bar was not yet open as Licences were not finalized, that is ok though as it was BYO and water was also supplier


The tortilla chips were tasty and quite buttery deliciousness! To accompany this was 2 salsas one red and one green! the green was so nice full of spice, freshness and it made you want to go back for more. The red one was chopped onion and tomatoes that tasted like they were soaked in something which was nice but i think if it was a bit more saucy it would be greatly improved. The Corn, Looked great and tasted as good. 2 small pieces ideal for sharing! Full of great flavors sauce and texture.


Now to the main event. Tacos. We ordered 4 that we was sharing so we could get the flavors and textures from them all. Overall the flavors were good, however in my opinion the bread was a little on the small side for the generous fillings we received and also maybe slightly too thick.

We ordered the Crickets, Japanese Fried Pollo, Soft-shell Crab & Carnitas. Starting with the Crickets and my favorite of the 4, they were super crunchy and full of a flavor that i am not quite sure of and i think it was something that i would not have normally ordered too. The fried chicken was good but it was normal fried chicken in a Taco. Soft-shell crab was tasty and crispy overall a nice taco but i think some more spice in there would have made it more exciting to the palate. The last one the Pork, soft and moist in my opinion with some nice balanced flavors.


We decided to fully try the menu and go in for deserts. The Churros served with a caramel sauce, they were nice but to hard and crunchy, the ones i normally have are light and fluffy but the sauce was nice and the portion size generous.  The Fried tequila, i mean i love the drink and i loved this. Supper fluffy warm cake with some tequila poured over it a good kick to it and served with a fresh lemon sorbet a wonderful dish and a great way to end the night.

ChurosDessert 2


The sever was good throughout the evening and it was nice to meet Craig who went though and explain the menu and the popular dished. It was nice to see his vision of the restaurant.



Tacocat well to start it has a great name, Logo and Concept with a Wonderful Space! Craig the owner invited me down to dine with him and to try some of the food and get a great experience. It was a good experience for sure. Sadly there were no Cocktails and Tequila, but its coming soon and a reason to return. I loved this place but i feel that not sticking with traditional Mexican flavors through the whole menu is a little confusing.

3.5/5Tacocat Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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