This place can make a good coffee that’s for sure. Fresh and strong with a slight fruity note in my coffee guide its a good one of course i am referring to a Flat-White i mean i never drink anything else.

A second drink was in order here this time i thought about a Hot-Chocolate now the one the cafe had was a dark one and i am not a fan of it even though i love dark chocolate. The waitress offered to make me a milk one (the one for the kids) in an adult size. It tasted good, full of sweetness just how i imagined it.

Flat WhiteHot Chocolate


Time for the food and we got in just before the Autumn menu was ending which is great as after i looked at it i wanted almost every dish. In the end i settled for the apple scroll, now this was a cheaper priced item so i was expecting a smaller than full size dish and it was exactly that but not a problem a all. This looked delicious and it tasted even better. Warm, fresh and full of thinly sliced baked apples all the way through it. It was finished off with some prunes and the perfect amount of moonscape cream. it was a truly yummy dish.

My fellow dinners went for the omelette with a side of avo, the another of the great looking and tasting dishes. They were all full of flavor and textures with good balances and value for money. The only slight negative here I would say is that the place is cater to the more healthy than unhealthy dish if you exclude the scroll. You could add things like bacon but the could be quite pricey and maybe having a dish a bit more on the unhealthy side would maybe attract more people.



The service here was just perfect, we were seated immediately and offered water as well as coffee. When the coffee was delivered Kylie said to us that maybe it could have been a bit hotter and immediate the waitress asked if she would like another. Food was deliver in a reasonable time with smiles and we was asked how the food was. Plus the Waitress made the special hot chocolate for me. They really go above and beyond here and if all service was given like this in everyplace i would be very happy.


The Food, Drinks and Service here was wonderful for the time we arrives to the time we left and its a brunch place i would return to as they have a seasonal changing menu, the only negative here would be the bit of slight healthiness but again that is a personal taste.

4/5Short Round Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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