Going to Black Waffle after a great brunch was a great choice. I have wanted to visit here for a while and being in the neighborhood made perfect sense. The thing here is the Black waffle cone and i actually enjoyed it very much so. I normally got for a cup as i find cones go soft quite quickly but here it kept its crunch all the way through which i though was great.

To top it off the flavor choices, now one thing i liked is that there was only 10 or so flavors to choose from as I normally spend ages deciding and they all sounded so great so here i made a fruity choice and opted for pomegranate and lemon and overall fruity choice. The pomegranate fresh and slightly sweet but not too sweet added seeds was a great textural balance. The Lemon sour but that is how i like lemon sorbet so fresh and zingy. Matt opted for the Lychee and Kinder flavors and he also really enjoyed them.

They also had a range of cakes and other sweets i would love to go back and try for sure and although i am not vegan i was pleased to see the amount of choices they had on offer.



The service here was great, the staff were very friendly and didn’t have an issue with us tasting which is always great. They were also quite knowledgeable about the products and were happy to answer questions like how do the cone get black? the answer being they use activated charcoal.


I love the space here at Black Waffle and if i had more time i would like to have seated in and maybe sampled their coffee to. Great flavors and textures here with wonderful service, there is some equally as good ice cream out there though. I will be back for sure.

4/5Black Waffle Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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