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The Last few Weeks

One of the exciting new ways we have decided to settle into Melbourne is to join a board games club which runs on a Thursday night. It’s been so nice to meet some new people and play some games with people that also like playing them. It’s not the same as our lovely games days we used to have with the crew back in London, but it’s still great to be playing again and meeting some new people at the same time we have been a couple of times now and really getting to know people, it definitely seems pretty multicultural here with people from all over the place, I think the Australians are almost outnumbered at the games event.

So what have we been actually doing whilst we are here, it seems most of our time is taken up by working and eating at lots of pretty awesome places.

After getting back to Melbourne Matt has been working pretty hard in the City centre getting to enjoy the City living. Commuting here is pretty good actually, hop on a tram for 20 minutes and then a 5-minute walk to the office. Tram can get pretty crammed though however I’ve always managed to get on and it’s not quite the central line.

Our first weekend back in Melbourne we decided to live the true Australian lifestyle and embrace the idea of Brunch. Out here they love Brunch and seem to do it every weekend. We found a little place nearby to our apartment and decided to tuck in. Matt went for a posh full English breakfast (without the sausage which they aren’t so big on here) and Jamie had some pretty epic eggs Benedict topped off with some excellent Melbourne coffee (flat whites of course)

After brunch, we decided to do a bit of shopping, and went to Costco! We now have enough toilet paper to last us about 2 years which is good. Managed to hopefully get some good bargains and managed to almost finish our shopping list of household bits off. We managed to get some pretty amazing Knives they are amaaaaazing and make Matt super happy. We also managed to spend all of our money and buy probably too much chocolate based foods.

After Costco it was time for a trip to the Cinema, we managed to find a pretty awesome independent cinema on the same street we live on (all be it about 2km down the road). The cinema is in a swanky little street that remembers me a bit of Chelsea, with the most amazing café I have ever seen. It’s pretty hard to describe but it sells all the different kind of cakes and pastries you can imagine, has a bar and an ice cream bar. Anyone that comes to visit can expect a trip.

Sunday night we headed to the Melbourne night noodle Asian food markets which were similar to one of the fun food fairs they have in London in the summer. We had some really nice dumpling, meat on a stick and finished off with some Gua Bau which kind of tastes a bit like the batter on a Chicken ball but sweet and filled with ice cream and covered in chocolate and nuts. Was delicious! Food food food.

So on Thursday as we mentioned above we headed to our first Games night, which was really fun, sadly neither of us managed to win any games this week. We stayed there pretty late till about 10:30pm (way past Matt’s bedtime) and then decided to head out to the most hipster burger/pizza restaurant ever called 1000£ bend which looked a bit like a dilapidated warehouse. (With extra prison bars, see pics below)

Friday night we decided to go for an explore of the local area and headed to a place called Lady Carolina, which was a bit of a South American style restaurant with a selection of Peruvian, Mexican & Argentinan food. We had some amazing guacamole, some ceviche and Tacos. And amazing cocktails. Matts was served in a Coca pod which was pretty impressive (see pic below)

So it was time for the weekend again (hurrah) and we decided we would pop to the shops (for a change) and went to the famous QV market. This place sells a bit of everything and kind of reminds me a bit of borough market with a bit of Greenwich market thrown in.  As we were wandering around we accidentally walked through the fruit and veg place. It had about 20 different stalls all shouting in the classic fruit and veg store way, it was definitely manic. We managed to pick up some cheap cherries which was pretty awesome, cherries need to be a big thing out here.  We then obviously had to have lunch and had some amazing BBQ food at a place called Hanks in the QV market. Matt had a beef brisket ‘The best he has ever eaten.’ Jamie had a BBQ pork burger and again it was pretty amazing. All washed down with good Beer.

After the shops we decided to deal with the heat we would pop to the outdoor swimming pool (which is 1 of 2 really near our house). The pool was amazing, it had about 6-7 lanes and was a 50-meter long pool, it was slightly heated too so perfect for some outdoor swimming. The only real downside is there were no diving boards. We then head over to a pretty famous roof terrace called Naked for Satan which had an amazing range of cocktails and Vodkas as well as doing really good Spanish Tapas (apparently). We only stayed for a quick drink and a cool view over the city.

Sunday we decided to go on a bit of adventure and started on one of Melbourne’s 27 great walks. We walked for about 10 miles which took us about 4 hours which was nice in the sun. Got a little bit of a sunburnt but not too bad. The views over the Yarra River were definitely amazing though and thank god we didn’t see any snakes.

We also stumbled upon Abbotsford convent along our walk which isn’t actually a working convent anymore but is instead a kind of community area with about 4-5 restaurants, a really great outside grass area and lots and lots of poor middle-aged people with groups of annoying overactive kids. Food was really good though and very much needed after a couple of hours of walking.

We then continued on the walk and found ourselves at Ikea so we went in bought loads of furniture and ordered an Uber. Our driver had never heard of Ikea which was slightly weird, I guess they aren’t as big out here.

Now we had our furniture it was time for our stuff to arrive which did on Tuesday. Jamie managed to unpack it all in the day and make the house look awesome, our house is pretty much complete now and feels like home.

We went for an explore on Friday night ending up at a really cool Lebanese restaurant. Great platter of meat and some Hardcore cocktails, Jamie couldn’t quite finish his (60% strength spirits are potentially not for him)

The weekend after was Beach weekend!  We spent all day Saturday at St Kilda beach we went for a wander a couple of miles down the beach, enjoying wandering along in the warm water, we got a bit of a sunbathe and a small swim.

Sunday it was time to celebrate Matts Yorkshire tray arriving and Jamie eventually gave in and let Matt cook an excellent roast dinner. Roast Beef and Yorkshires all round.

Jamie officially has a job, it’s a job in a retail business head office for a cool kitchenware company it’s the perfect job as it has the element of Retail but has the office environment that I want to work in. The hours are Monday-Friday 8:30-5:30 so perfect days and hours, it means lots of weekend and long weekend trips can be planned for us to go and explore Australia especially over the long bank holiday weekends and they have lots of them in Victoria. Which means Lots more blogs for all of our lovely friends and family to read.

To celebrate the job we went out for a nice Wednesday night dinner. We went to a little Italian just 7 mins walk from our apartment called Zia Teresa. They serve great Pasta and we actually went on a day where they had an offer any Pasta with a glass of wine for $20 so a great price, they also had amazing tasting Cocktails too.

So the day we are writing this blog is Saturday the 12th December (only 2 weeks till Christmas eek) and today was Zoo Day. We visited today which was really good. We got to see all the amazing animals and ended up buying yearly passes so exciting but it gets us access to 8 Zoos all year round. It was so nice to see all the animals and all the animals have super nice enclosures which makes me supper happy. They also do a close-up encounter with the Giraffes I didn’t do this today but will be going back as I love them very much.

Jamie & Matt


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