Jamie’s 24th Birthday

So it was time to celebrate my birthday, I flew out to Tasmania on Wednesday night so I was with Matt on the morning of my birthday. So I woke up and Matt had a present for me which I was excited about as it was the only thing I had to unwrap not that I minded and it was a complete secret. It was a Fit-Bit Charge, which is a device which checks how far you walked, how healthy you are and also tracks your sleeping pattern plus added features of setting alarms to wake you up. I liked it lots. So now it was time to open my cards, Matthews first and inside was a lovely message as always plus an added message, which I quote “on the day of the 12th you shall wake. Your savoy special massage awaits at 10:45 make sure you arrive an hour early. After the massage you can spend the day in the Spa. Enjoy the sauna and pool 38 Elizabeth Street Hobart.” Wow, he really went to so much effort knowing that I was on my own and he couldn’t be with me for the day. I then proceeded to open all of the lovely cards everyone else had sent me, Thank you, everyone, who send me one. X
The afternoon I just relaxed back at the place we were staying waiting for Matt’s arrival before he finished the day for me with Dinner in a lovely restaurant. Getting here was not so fun as it had rained all day and it was just getting worse, we ordered a Taxi which went to the wrong place 3 times, standing in the rain waiting but in the end, it did turn up and we was away to the place of my choice. We turned up and was seated by the window overlooking the water, nice even though it was still raining. We ordered a nice bottle of Tasmanian wine and then for food we both knew which starter we wanted and we was having a main to share the waitress came over asked up what we wanted after we said we wanted to share the lamb shoulder she looked at us and said it’s for 4 people to share, I really wanted it so we cancelled the starters and just had the main we did well but did not quite finish it.
Dinner was nice, we were in a complex with a Casino too so I thought it would be fun to have a little play, at first we only found slot machines which we had a little play on and then when we found the tables I was too scared so decided to just leave and head home. The rain decided to stop after being constant all day. We thought we would have a nice walk which was lovely to see Tasmania at night. We got back to our room and hugged in bed, what a lovely 24th Birthday I had all thanks to Mr Leech xxx

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