With Jamie & Matt

Our 1st 2 Weeks in Australia

We have now been in Melbourne for 12 days. Matt has started work and we have a house. We haven’t had too much time to enjoy ourselves over the last couple of weeks with lots of shopping, house hunting and exploring being done.

The day we arrived (Tuesday 27th) with some serious Jetlag we went for an exploration of Melbourne, we found Queen Victoria Market in the northern part of the central business direct (CBD) of Melbourne. It sold a weird mix of some really cool bits and a load of crap you get at normal markets. It was a bit like Camden but not very crowded and in a kind of warehouse, we found an amazing stall selling painted metal boards for the wall which I think we are going to furnish the house with (will keep you posted).

We also wandered up to Brunswick (one of our potential areas to live) and decided we loved the area, tons of shops, bars, restaurants everything you could want. We viewed a couple of awful houses in St Kilda East which were completely run down (1930s buildings) but huge we quickly decided we needed somewhere modern.

We fell asleep at 7pm and woke up at 6 (5 for Jamie) feeling pretty refreshed. We had agreed to meet at estate agent so we popped into his office at 11am he drove us to another crappy property, he was a bit crazy but a nice guy.  After this, we decided to explore St Kilda (our other potential housing area). A really nice area with lots of parks bars and restaurants, another great thing is its right by the beach. We wandered down to the beach in 28-degree heat annoyed that we didn’t bring our swimming stuff.  We were looking for somewhere to eat and stumbled upon Donavan’s a modern Australian restaurant which had a terrace that effectively came out to the beach. Food was amazing we had a beautiful ribeye to share and then finished our beers on the beach (cocktails were great too), views of the beach from the table housed in a really cool barn style building.  We viewed another flat which was awesome but in a really bad location and then another which was again pretty old and run down, not having much luck so far.

We had another early night and crashed out at 8pm (again waking up super early)

Thursday we went to the shops to buy beach towels so we could finally go to the beach. We grabbed our towels and jumped on the train to Brighton beach which is on the east of the cove of Melbourne about 30mins on the train from the CBD. The weather was pretty good, the sea was freezing though.  Thursday we viewed another house that was really nice, touch small but great location in Brunswick east which we decided to apply for which was a fun long process, had to go to the internet cafe too.

Friday was a chilling day of shopping with no property viewings!  Managed to buy a ton of clothes, some of it really cheap, all of them really great quality. Probably shouldn’t’ have bought so many jumpers given its going to be summer soon must be still in the British mindset.

Saturday was the big day, we planned 5 viewings and were going to try and fit some more in during the day. We managed to miss our first one, however, went to view another one instead which was really nice, maybe even better than the Thursday one.

We viewed another 3 and found our perfect flat. We put in the application form that night and went out for Halloween.

We went to meet our friend from the flight in his hostel for some super cheap drinks ($4 single vodkas) which are about £2  then went on down to a gay club which is no joke called Poof Doof, was pretty cool, is only open on a Saturday till 7am. We were still pretty tired so went home around 2am, Jamie fell asleep on the tube. We then popped to McDonald’s and found out that they don’t have the correct McChicken sandwich, ruining Matt’s night and the rest of his time in Melbourne.

Sunday we discovered the joy of really cheap steak in the shops and cooked one of the best steaks we had ever cooked in our life, it was super cheap and really good meat. When you come visit expect lots of steaks.

On Tuesday our friend came to visit and we had a party in the Hot tub, staying in a nice apartment with work has its perks.

There was a quick storm in Melbourne this week bringing tons of rain and wind, goes to show it’s not all sunny out here.

Wednesday Matt started work and it was pretty good, the office was pretty different from London, however, everyone was really friendly. Matt found out he is being shipped off to Hobart (Tasmania) for 2 weeks from Monday which will be an interesting adventure, Jamie is going to fly out on Wednesday so we can spend his birthday together & explore Tasmania next weekend.  Stay tuned for an update on our weekend of building furniture & an update on our exciting adventures in Tasmania (let’s hope we don’t run into any Tiger snakes which apparently are quite common)

Jamie & Matt x


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