Travel With Jamie & Matt

26 Hours of Travel

So we have arrived in Melbourne. (5:30 am Tuesday Morning). The flight was pretty intense, 25 hours over 3 planes. Our first flight was completely full and we had to sit on different sides of the plane. We both managed to make friends though which is always nice. Plane food was pretty good actually, although if you aren’t a fan of spicy chicken might not be for you. We flew with Royal Brunei due to it being super cheap, the plane was really nice and great service, however, no booze. That didn’t stop the guy next to Matt as he brought the booze with him. Managed to open a bottle of champagne on the plane which with the air pressure drenched matt 1 hour into the flight. Smelling like £50 bottle of rose Champagne is always the best thing when arriving in Dubai, a dry country. Dubai airport at 4:30am was pretty good, grabbed a quick McDonalds which came in super-size. Airport was actually pretty busy with tons of people casually having a nap, the Duty-free section was huge, shame we couldn’t buy anything due to our change at Brunei. See selfie below for pictures of Dubai.

The second flight wasn’t quite as fun as the first, Matt had a bit of travel sickness. We were sitting together which was nice. Most people tried to have a sleep on this plane, however not that easy in economy. We arrived in Brunei and were greeted with one of the worst airports we have visited so far. There was a perfume shop and a coffee shack. We had a couple of hours sitting here, luckily we had a few people to chat with before boarding the plane to Melbourne. The last Plane was really similar to the 2nd, trying to sleep for as much as possible however struggling.

We arrived at Melbourne at 5:30am managed to buy a few bottles at the Duty-free and then breezed through security and immigration to enter the country. Surprisingly it was freezing but I think it gets warmer later in the day here. Managed to hop a bus and speed through to the city arriving at our apartment at 6:30 and checked in really quickly.  The apartment is amazing with a free upgrade with 2 bedrooms, beautiful balcony on the 17th floor looking out over Melbourne. The dining table is amazing, shame we aren’t hosting any dinner parties. Check out the pictures below.

We have now been here a couple of days, however, will write up all our adventures since in the next couple of days.

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Jamie & Matt x


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